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こちらのページでは倉敷駅からNAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Loungeへ、徒歩3分の最短コースをご案内いたします。
On this site, We will show you the shortest course to NAGI Kurashiki Hotel & lounge from Kurashiki station on foot for 3 minutes.

When you get to Kurashiki station, go to the South exit “美観地区(Bikan Chiku)” following the sign board in front of the gate.

2. 左手にエレベーターが見えて参ります。エレベーターで「1階出口」までお降りください。
You will see the elevator on your left. Please go down to the exit on the first floor using it.

3. エレベーターを出ると目の前に花時計が。花時計を正面に見て右方向に直進ください。
When you get out of the elevator, there’ll be a big flower clock in front of you, go right and continue straight please.

4. お手荷物の少ない方はエレベーターではなく階段もご利用いただけます。「水島臨海鉄道」という案内を確認し、階段を下ります。
If you don’t have a lot of baggage, there are also stairs available instead of taking the elevator down. Check the sign board written “水島臨海鉄道(Mizushima Rinkai Railway)” and go down the stairs. 

You will see 7/11 on your right and keep going straight.

Either way you go down, with the elevator or the stairs, continue straight in the direction of the sign board “水島臨海鉄道(Mizushima Rinkai Railway)”, passing JR rental car and a bicycle parking lot on your right and Fresh Marché on your left.

6.「水島臨海鉄道倉敷市駅」を超えると角に「焼き肉 へいや」が見えます。焼き肉へいやを正面に見て、左にお進みください。
You will see “焼き肉 へいや(Yakiniku Heiya)” at the corner after you walk past “水島臨海鉄道(Mizushima Rinakai Railway)”. Please turn left.

When you see the board the has “シード館(Shido Kan) ” written, turn slightly right and you’ll see NAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Lounge in front of you.
目の前にNAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Loungeがございます。

Please contact us 05052108506 if you get lost on your way or have any questions.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Please take care on your way here.

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